Thumbnail September 30, 2015
Outsourced Personal Accounting

How can outsourced personal accounting help me? “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” – Henry David Thoreau With great wealth comes great responsibility.  Your personal financial life may be complex with many undertakings such as corporate entities, alternative investments, private equity, international exposure and […]

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Thumbnail September 16, 2015
Business Process Review and Software Assessment

If you are experiencing growing pains with your existing accounting software system, conducting a Business Process Review (BPR) is a good place to start.  This will help determine if it is time to upgrade your accounting software and give recommendations on how you should deploy new systems. According the Wikipedia, a business process or business method is a collection of […]

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Thumbnail September 4, 2015
Construction Software Guide: How to find the best construction software

Construction Software Guide for Accounting As the fourth quarter approaches, this is the time of year that many contractors start evaluating their construction software and begin the search for an upgrade.   Trends show that not all contractors start off with an accounting or estimating software that is specifically designed for the construction industry.  They simply […]

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Thumbnail September 3, 2015
Sage Consultant Spotlight: Nicole Romero

Plumb Spotlight on Nicole Romero, Certified Sage Consultant Plumb ( Southern California’s premier outsourced accounting and software consultancy firm, introduces Nicole Romero, Controller and Certified Sage Consultant for Sage 100 Contractor. Nicole Romero is a Controller and Sage 100 Contractor Certified Consultant with over 10 years of accounting experience in the construction industry.  She works with […]

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