ERP Conversions, Considerations and Case Studies

NetSuite ERP Conversion

ERP Conversions: Where to Start?

Once you have decided to move forward with upgrading your accounting system, there are many factors to consider. An ERP conversion and system implementation is a huge commitment and requires company-wide support.  Although there are positive ROI’s and significant savings in the long-term, the initial costs for an ERP conversion can be felt immediately.  As a NetSuite partner, Plumb works with companies to address their ERP conversion concerns from the beginning with a Business Process Review.

ERP Factors to Consider:

  • Determine your Budget
  • Establish your Timeframe
  • Identify your Project Manager (internal or outsourced)
  • Commitment – are we all in?
  • Cloud-Based ERP requirements
  • Data Migration Plan
  • Ecommerce integration (if applicable)
  • List the systems that stay and go
  • Clearly define your business needs and the pain points
  • List your high-level requirements for the ERP conversion
  • Will you need accounting help?

How do I find the right partner for my ERP Conversion?

ERP conversions and implementations are most successful when you find the right implementation partner who can lead the effort.  TAG is a leading NetSuite Solutions Partner, founded in 1996, with a full team of NetSuite Consultants and Accountants who provide continuity and a deep understanding of your specific business needs.  Here is a list of additional considerations when evaluating an ERP Consultant:

  • Software knowledge and accounting experience
  • Implementation experience and successes (ask for references)
  • Process – agile project management and other best practices
  • Training – software and process
  • Customer service – both during the implementation and after
  • Real world experience in your business – this is the only way that the implementation includes a redesign of the business in addition to the software

ERP Case Studies

Regarding the last ERP consideration, “real world experience”, Plumb highlights some recent ERP conversions that led to a successful go-live launch and provided much improvement to outdated processes.

Major League Baseball Team Moves from a Non-Cloud Based Legacy System to NetSuite

Highlights:NetSuite Case Study

Expense Reports which were filed on a home-grown spreadsheet via email are now entered by 250 scouts around the world using a mobile device. an expense report can now go from submission to Budget to Actual analysis within minutes.

Relief for the accounting department from running and distributing reports. The department heads now have real-time access to all of the information that used to be shown to them on a static report. They also have drill-down capability down to the back up documentation that initiated a transaction in the system.

Bike Parts Company Outgrows QuickBooks and Moves to NetSuite ERP and Ecommerce Platform

Highlights:NetSuite ERP Conversions

The lack of functionality in their legacy system was delaying achievement of their goals for growth and expansion of the business. Now they operate an overseas 3PL that handles the warehouse operations within their system seamlessly.

True multi-currency accounting and the ability to run reports in both local currency and USD using daily exchange rates.

Building a B2B infrastructure including a fully-integrated ecommerce webstore for customers to place orders and manage their accounts efficiently and self-sufficiently online.

Want to learn more? Let Plumb be a resource for your ERP conversion to NetSuite.

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