Buy Construction Software for Year-End Tax Deductions

buy construction software

Take Advantage of Section 179 and Buy Construction Software

Are you planning for the year ahead?  Is one of your goals to buy construction software, so you can easily manage the complex details associated with multiple projects, plans, estimates and compliance? If so, maximize your profit potential, by taking advantage of year-end tax deductions with Section 179.

Buy Construction Software from Sage with 0% Financing for 2 Years

You can still take advantage of Section 179 tax breaks and 50% bonus depreciation this year, if you purchase or finance Sage construction software from Plumb  You can deduct the full cost of the software (up to $500,000) without paying the full amount by year-end.

  • 0% applies to on-premise Sage construction software purchases only
  • The Sage Business Care portion of the order will go on a separate schedule at standard lease rates
  • Any costs associated with software implementation or hardware fees will go on a separate schedule at standard lease rates
  • Valid only with Authorized Leasing Vendors


What’s Eligible for Expensing Under Code Sec. 179?

  • Tangible property that is Code Sec. 1245 property – generally, this is machinery or heavy equipment.
  • Qualified real property.  This can be certain improvements to commercial property.
  • Off-the-shelf computer software
    • Sage 100 Contractor – The perfect construction accounting software solution for mid-sized contractors who are looking for an upgrade from their standard accounting software.
    • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate – A robust construction accounting software, which is considered the gold standard for contractors, and real estate developers.
    • Sage Estimating – A trusted software solution that produces automated and accurate information.

For more information regarding Section 179 and year-end planning on how to make the best use of quick write-offs for buying construction software, click here.

About Plumb:

Plumb provides construction accounting services to help strengthen accounting departments and support the management team that need added expertise on an outsourced on-going or project basis. With Plumb’s foundation in construction accounting and years of experience, Plumb Accountants and Certified Software Consultants are knowledgeable with the most common accounting and reporting needs for contractors.

Our construction accounting services provide transparent reports and analysis to allow for better insights on project profitability or loss. As a Sage Authorized Reseller, Plumb will help you gain a competitive advantage, by delivering the best construction software package for your needs.

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