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team building activities


At Plumb, company organized team building activities are far from boring! After a long week of crunching numbers, Plumb accountants know how to have fun! Plumb culture has adopted the “work hard, play hard” mantra because work-life balance and building a strong team are high on our list of priorities. Here are a few team building activities that our team loved:

1. Book an Escape RoomEscapeRoom

Promote team work, communication, problem solving, and creative thinking by trying out an escape room. Also known as a puzzle room and escape game, an escape room is an adventure game in which players solve puzzles, riddles, hunt for clues, and use strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are typically given one hour to solve multiple puzzles and riddles, so teamwork is vital to succeed. Escape rooms are at the top of Plumb’s favorite team building activities!

Tip: Split up into different teams and race to see who could escape the fastest. Most escape room companies are able to accommodate a simultaneous start.

Incorporate these questions into a post-Escape Room Reflection:

  • Communication: How well did your team share information inside the room? How important was this factor to your success?
  • Problem Solving Skills: How did you determine who would do what? How was the collaboration on the puzzles themselves? Did you know ahead of time who would be good at what?
  • Stress Management: How did you respond to a difficult puzzle you couldn’t solve? Did you find yourself feeling stressed? If so, how did you handle the stress?
  • How do each of the previous topics translate into how you work together? Were there people who took on roles different than what you would expect? What key lessons can you bring back to the office based on the escape room experience?

2. Host a potluckTAGsgivingPotluck

Potlucks are a great way to gather the team for lunch. You can encourage your employees to partner up with a coworker to cook or “go Dutch” on a main dish. Get the conversation flowing by sharing recipes, and giving compliments to the cook. Have fun incorporating different themes: Super Bowl Sunday, Soups and Salads, Thanksgiving, Comfort Food, get creative! Host your sign up sheet on a collaborative platform such as Google Docs to get real time updates that are available to your entire team.

Good food = good mood


3. Organize Happy HourHappyHour

Treat your team to drinks and appetizers to celebrate month-end or after tax season. Not only is it a fun way to de-stress, but it’s a great way to check out local eateries and bars. Try a new restaurant or bar each time. Employee Appreciation Day Happy Hour

4. Get involved

You can feel good about a team building activity that gives back Volunteerto your community. There are many volunteering and community outreach opportunities to choose from! Choose one of the many worthy causes on Volunteer Match, or partner with a local charity organization. Plumb sponsored a meal at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in San Diego, and volunteered their time to prep, cook, and serve the meal for families with critically ill children admitted to the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Plumb also raised over $500 and walked to benefit the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.


5. Corporate meetingsCorporateMeeting

Plumb hosts a corporate wide meeting each quarter to give employees the opportunity to mingle between divisions and teams, give updates on each division and corporate/internal updates. We also incorporate a training session and team building activity that promotes team work and communication. The highlight of each corporate meeting are the Corporate Awards, where our executive officers recognize top performing employees and teams for the quarter, and awards winners win awesome prizes! The Top Performing Team wins an all expenses paid lunch, Happy Hour, or dinner!

6. Play gamesGames

The Plumb offices have access to a Ping Pong Table, Foosball, Shuffle Board, and Corn Hole. It’s a fun way to relieve stress, get active, and promotes friendly competition. Plumb also hosted a Beer Pong Tournament, inviting teams of two to go head to head and advance through a tournament bracket.

7. Video games

There are plenty of local multiplayer video games out on the market on all platforms. Plumb’s patio is equipped with a big screen TV where employees can connect a laptop or gaming console.

Plumb’s favorite local multiplayer games are:

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Players must work together to defuse a bomb. The catch is that only one player can see the bomb, and the bomb squad must refer to a bomb manual for instructions and communicate with the player with the bomb. This game takes teamwork, communication, and stress management skills.
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime: Players must work together to fly and operate a spaceship while exploring the galaxy and defending themselves against space monsters. This game is adorable and is a great choice for team building activities.
  • Overcooked: Players work together in the kitchen to fulfill orders, wash dishes, and serve guests! See if your team can take the heat in the kitchen!

There are plenty of other video games on the market that require players to work together and communicate, and are very affordable! As far as team building activities go, it doesn’t get easier than this!

8. Plan a Karaoke Night

Reveal your inner diva or rock star and sing out at the top of your lungs! A few drinks will help ease up the nerves, and it’s always fun to sing duets or in unison as a group. Check your local bars for karaoke nights, or head to a Punch Bowl Social or Korean karaoke lounge to rent out a private room.

9. Get into the Holiday Spirit

Host a Halloween Costume contest, Pumpkin Carving contest, and Ugly Sweater contest! Offer different categories where employees can win such as, Spookiest costume, Most Original costume, Best in Show, and also include a Best Team/Group category. Encouraging employees to dress up as a group increases camaraderie and collaboration. Create your voting ballots on Google Forms and invite all employees to vote for their favorite costumes/pumpkins/ugly sweaters!

Bill pay TeamGroup CostumeUglySweaterGroup


10. Year End EventHolidayparty

Plumb hosts an annual Holiday party, but you can opt to host a End of the Year Employee Appreciation Event complete with food, drinks, games and giveaways! The Plumb holiday party is the biggest event of the year, where Plumb employees gather to celebrate the end to another successful year.

A few recommendations that make Plumb’s holiday party a success:

  • Offer out of town employees a one night stay at a hotel the night of your event so they can enjoy responsible
  • Encourage employees to expense their ride share service so that they can drink responsibly as well
  • Raffle off prizes for team members to win and play fun games that give employees an opportunity to win more prizes like the Saran Wrap Ball game
  • Entertainment: hire a caricature artist, magician, tarot card reader, hire a DJ/band, or rent a photo booth – guarantees a great time giving your guests something to do

Bonus Idea: Company Newsletter

I would still add this one to the list of team building activities because it achieves the same goals – strengthening your team’s relationship and communication and collaboration. Putting together a Company Newsletter takes a lot of collaboration and communication from the article contributes! Plumb looks forward to reading the company newsletter each quarter. It’s a great way to keep all offices connected with company and employee updates. Check out an issue of The General Ledger, Plumb’s quarterly newsletter.

Which of these team building activities will you try with your team?

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