Webinar: How to Prepare Job Cost Reports in Sage 100 Contractor

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Prepare Job Cost Reports in Sage 100 Contractor | A Step-by-Step Guide

contractor guidanceIn this 30-minute webinar, Leilani Evans will walk you through how to prepare Job Cost Reports with tips and features within Sage 100 Contractor.  Whether you currently own this construction software or if you’re considering an upgrade for better job cost reporting, this webinar is for you. She will show you how effective Job Cost Reports give you an easier way to analyze job costs and refine the estimating process.

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Topics to Include:

  • Report Automation
  • Report Writer Wizard
  • Job Cost Reports
  • Cost Over Budget Warnings
  • Cost to Complete

In the Report Automation feature, did you know that you can schedule reports to: print, email and fax? There are some shortcuts to help you automate the process.

Learn about the Report Writer Wizard. This feature of the software guides you through designing custom reports to help with better financial and project reviews.

With Job Cost Reports in Sage 100 Contractor, you will receive detailed information about costs and better track costs using cost codes and cost types.

See the different types of Job Cost Reports in Sage 100 Contractor:

  • Job Status Report
  • Committed Cost Report
  • Over/Under Billing Report
  • Bonding Report

In this webinar, you will learn how to setup Cost Over Budget Warnings and set warnings with “no allowance”, “warning messages” and send alerts and emails when over budget. This feature compares the data to the original budget plus approved change orders to notify you if costs exceed the budget.

Lastly, you will get an overview of Cost to Complete tool. By generating this report, you can estimate on the costs necessary to complete a project current under construction. Over the course of the project, you can update the current budget and job costs in the Cost to Complete window to create a report.

At the end of this webinar, we will open it up to Questions and Answers. Take advantage of this time for a more in-depth view of how to prepare Job Cost Reports.

prepare job cost reports

Stay tuned for upcoming Wednesday Webinars that will feature “Construction Payroll”, “Field Accessibility”, and “Best Practices for Job Cost Reporting & Accounting”.

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