How-to Optimize your Sage 100 Contractor Accounting System

sage 100 contractor accounting system

Upcoming Webinar: TimberScan 100 for the Sage Contractor Accounting System.

Join Plumb on Wednesday, September 18th for a free Sage software online training and webinar.  This week we’ll feature TimberScan 100 with Core Associates.

About this event:

Learn how to optimize your workflow around the Sage 100 Contractor accounting system. You can reduce data entry and automate the approval process with TimberScan 100.

Date: Wednesday, September 18th

Time: 10:00AM (PST)

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Make it easy to manage construction documents and automate AP invoice processing with TimberScan 100 all while staying connected to your Sage 100 Contractor system. Content management and invoice routing is made simple using a browser-based application that’s user friendly and ready-to-go. Tune into a full length presentation and demonstration of this products capabilities and integration to Sage 100 Contractor by Core Associates partner LeeAnn Osganian.

contractor accounting system

If you are looking to speed up your team’s workflow around your Sage 100 Contractor Accounting system, reduce data entry by up to 90% and automate the approval process, log onto our 30 minute webinar covering an overview of Core Associates’ Sage integrated Timberscan products!

  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Reduce coding errors with pro-active coding and data entry point validation
  • Capture labor transactions daily
  • Improved visibility
  • Reduce credit card reconciliation processing time

LeeAnn Osganian will cover the following agenda related to the use of the Timberscan product line designed to improve and streamline your company’s processes and keep projects moving on time and on budget.

  1. TimberScan & TimberScan GO – Review of the AP routing and approval workflow process.
  2. Core Cloud Systems – Manage All Your Forms and Portals in One Cloud-based Platform.
  3. Connected Payments – Introduction to Core + AvidXchange Pay with Create-A-Check.

Need help with your Sage Contractor Accounting System?  Plumb offers free weekly training webinars and offers consulting services.

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