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Plumb Provides Sage 100 Contractor Trial Demo of the Cloud-Based Software

Get a personalized experience of Sage 100 Contractor, as we give you a customized tour, so you can test the software on your own.  Sage 100 Contractor cloud is the next step in advanced cloud-based technology if you are currently using QuickBooks, spreadsheets or construction accounting software that is no longer supported by their developer (Maxwell American Contractor).

Try Sage 100 Contractor before you buy it.

Plumb, a premier VAR of Sage Construction Software, gives you an option to try the software with our customized demos and live test drives.  Our team of Sage Certified Consultants will help answer your questions and guide you into the right features, modules and add-on’s that you would need for your industry and specialty. Our demos are different, as you will get to preview the software for as long as you need before you make the decision to purchase it.

What’s included in Sage 100 Contractor?

If you are on the search for construction software with better reporting capabilities, Sage 100 Contractor has you covered.  This easy-to-use software lets you create custom reports, but also has 1,200 pre-built reports at your fingertips.

For your Sage 100 Contractor trial demo, you can setup the User Dashboard to display the key reports, metrics and outstanding change order alerts the way you want to see it.

For example, if you want to focus on your outstanding change orders, you can easily pull up the report to drill down to the individual records of vendor, job, etc. This quickly gives you clarity on where the change order numbers are coming from. Tracking change orders helps avoid job cost surprises.

The Project Work Center is another feature of Sage 100 Contractor.  This is an all-in-one command center for key project details. You can manage every essential task for a job.

Need a report that doesn’t already have a template in the software?  The Report Writing Wizard is a custom report writing tool, so you can create, modify and edit reports.

Available Reports in Sage 100 Contractor:

  • Job Cost and Job Cost Drill Down
  • Progress Billing Report
  • Bond Report
  • Over/Under Billings Report
  • WH-347 and HR Compliance Forms
  • Committed Cost Variance Report
  • Job Profitability Report
  • Job Status Report
  • Income Statement
  • Equipment Management Report

How Much Does Sage 100 Contractor Cost?

Check out Plumb’s exclusive “Getting Starting” software package.  This is for a subscription-based (cloud) version of Sage 100 Contractor.  You’ll also receive data migration, cloud hosting options, consulting and online training to get you started.

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Watch this Sage 100 Contractor Demo

Are you ready for your own trial demo of Sage 100 Contractor?  Book an appointment for a Software Needs Assessment and we’ll get you started on your Sage 100 Contractor journey! Ask about Sage software promotions and discount pricing for additional modules and license users.