Sage recognizes successful consulting from Plumb

When VFS Fire and Security Services was tasked to migrate their software from American Contractor to Sage 100 Contractor, they turned to Plumb to help with the transition and data migration.

Now that Sage 100 Contractor is running up-to-speed for VFS Fire & Security Services, the company can make clear-sighted decisions based on accurate financial data.  They use the software as a resource to see the profitability of their various departments and locations.

In an interview with Chris Harek, Director of Finance, SAGE goes into detail about what challenges were presented in his previous software, how Plumb was relied upon to support and consult him through the transition, and how Sage 100 Contractor has improved his business.

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Sounding the alarm

When Chris Herak joined VFS Fire and Security Services as Director of Finance in late 2019, the company had purchased Sage 100 Contractor, but hadn’t yet implemented the solution. “Everyone was focused on growing the company, so VFS needed a champion of the software to get the project up and running,” he says. “The old system was not very functional and was no longer supported by the publisher. I couldn’t get the financial information I needed, and every task was more difficult than it should have been. It was definitely time for a change.”

“Sage 100 Contractor is our platform for growth. It’s providing us with vastly improved accuracy, control, workflows, and collaboration.” – Chris Herak, Director of Finance, VFS Fire and Security Services

Igniting transformational change

The Sage 100 Contractor reporting engine and dashboard tools allow VFS Fire and Security Services to put actionable data directly in the hands of its department and project managers. Rather than waiting to the end of the month to have profit and loss information for their projects, for example, managers can now access that information on their own, at any time. “When compared to prior year, our gross margins for both contract and service have improved several percentage points across the board,” says Herak. “This is definitely in part to improved financial reporting which has allowed our teams to make adjustments to project budgets and seek change orders ahead of incurring overruns on project costs.”

Securing success

“We are light years ahead of where we were,” says Herak. “The first part of this year was building and development where we all got comfortable with the software and learned what it can do. Now we’re ready to scale and innovate further.”

Sage 100 Contractor is our platform for growth,” Herak concludes. “It’s providing us with vastly improved accuracy, control, workflows, and collaboration.”

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