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Top Construction Accounting Software – Insights from Plumb | Sage Reseller

Plumb, an Authorized Partner of Sage Construction Accounting Software, ranks the most popular content this year for top construction accounting software.

#1 How to Prepare for New Construction Accounting Software

Considering new construction accounting software?  Here is a list of four tips to help with the process.  It starts with selecting a software advisory team.  Then you can determine your needs, wants, wishes and reporting capabilities.  Learn how to create a budget and the proper way to evaluate software.  Read the article >>

#2 Steps to Deploy New Accounting Software for your Construction Businesstop construction accounting software

Here are five steps to keep in mind with the process of implementing new software: Do your research; Identify your needs/wants; Schedule your demos; Purchase software & pricing; Start the implementation process.  At Plumb, we help with these five steps and it starts with a consultation to uncover the top construction accounting software for your firm and industry.  Get the best pricing for your software needs with different options to either own, lease or financing solutions.  Read more>>

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#3 Construction Change Orders: Approve, Track and Process

If you have been struggling to find an easier way to approve, track and process construction change orders, read this post.  Managing construction change orders effectively is essential to the overall project management of jobs in order to meet deadlines, track costs and profitability.

Watch this video on how to easily approve and assign change orders in real time with Sage Service Operations.

#4 Best Ways to Analyze the WIP Report

Contractors should be utilizing the WIP report as a powerful management tool.  It can predict how profitable or unprofitable a job will be at completion of a project. Learn how to prepare your WIP schedule with accuracy and analyze it for over and under billings. You can also review job cost reports.  Ready to consider purchasing construction-specific accounting software?  Read more>>

#5 Top Construction Accounting Software for Job Costing

Job costing is an essential function in construction accounting best practices.  It is defined as allocating all direct and indirect costs to each construction project.  If you are a contractor or developer that is not using a construction-specific accounting software program, you may be missing out on key functions to help with job costing.  With Sage 100 Contractor you can run reports by jobs, job status, project manager, customer and more. It also provides real-time estimated vs. actual cost reports that can help identify profitability of each job.

Take a look at this video, and learn top reasons why contractors choose Sage 100 Contractor for better job costing.

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