About Our Outsourced Accounting Solutions & Software Services

Founded in 1996, Plumb’s mission is to help companies and individuals achieve their business and financial goals by providing an unparalleled array of customized and effective software and accounting solutions. Through our proprietary systems, Plumb becomes a highly effective extension of internal client operations, ensuring timely, dependable and cost-effective results.

Our Vision:

To be a premier accounting solutions firm and software consulting resource, valued as an expert and trusted advisor in all the industries we serve and committed to the enrichment of both our clients and employees.

Core Values:

Plumb stands behind our core values of Commitment, Stakeholder Enrichment and Continuous Improvement. We aim to ensure that these guiding principles flow on to our clients, team members, centers of influence and community.

The Plumb Way 13 Principles:

  1. Beyond the Numbers: Take responsibility for providing content, meaning and context of reports and information. We create understanding from information. Our output requires accuracy and attention to detail.
  2. We are Self-Driven, Self-Disciplined and Self-Motivated: We prioritize our work, organize to create results and take action to complete projects and assignments.
  3. Be the “White Hat” Riding in to Save the Day: We routinely provide expertise and solutions to solve some of the biggest issues our clients will ever face. It is our job to help them sleep at night.
  4. Eliminate Homework Assignments: Use multiple-choice answer approach versus an essay approach. We give people choices to allow them to make better, more informed decisions.
  5. Be Interested, Not Interesting: Listen to what is being said, what is not being said, and what is between the lines. Ask clarifying questions to gain deeper understanding of the real issues and opportunities.
  6. Be Heard from the Heart: Craft well thought out responses to internal and external requests. It is our responsibility to listen well and respond in a way that honors the other individual’s needs.
  7. Be Responsive: In the face of concerns, listen and be responsive to their requests, be open to their needs and work to find a solution.
  8. Be Proactive: Anticipate next steps, next actions and next information needed to deliver value to the relationship or desired results.
  9. Manage Expectations: Establish clear and frequent communication to create mutual agreement of anticipated results. Regularly debrief outcomes to assess alignment. Be clear on results expected. Eliminate surprises.
  10. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Follow this Golden Rule in interactions with others. Focus on what others need to feel valued.
  11. Be Present and Be Engaged: Be physically and mentally present to support the company, our clients/customers and our co-workers. Be engaged in learning and social events to grow yourself and foster relationships.
  12. Think Plumb: Regardless of the product or service we are delivering or the area of business in which you work, we are all one team; Plumb, striving for a shared outcome.
  13. Learn and Grow: Take responsibility for your own ongoing learning and development. In our roles and responsibilities with our clients and our co-workers, each of us has a responsibility to continue to improve our knowledge and skills to deliver our best over time.