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With Plumb there is no need to solve difficult construction accounting and software challenges alone. We understand that accurate and timely reporting is the key for your success. Our team of consultants have roots in the construction and construction real estate industry and are dedicated to providing financial reports and systems in order to help you monitor and manage the company.

As with any construction accounting system, the primary objective is to summarize data into useful reports. Internal reports are more job-specific, with budget to cost comparison, subcontract and purchase order analysis and Gross Profit by job. The high-level reports are often solely produced for banks, surety companies or tax and audit reasons. Plumb works with you to set up an accounting system to deliver those reports on a timely basis and make recommendations to improve efficiencies by leveraging technology and construction-specific accounting software.

Why Work with Plumb?

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Service Offerings:

  • Outsourced Accounting – We can become your accounting team or assist your existing team
  • Work in Progress Schedule & Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Job Costing
  • Progress, Unit-Based and Time & Material Billing
  • Completed Contract & Percentage Complete Revenue Recognition
  • Surety Reporting
  • Overhead Budgeting and Analysis
  • Equipment Costing and Analysis
  • GL Budget Preparation & Review
  • Material/Labor Analysis
  • Lien Waiver Tracking
  • Prevailing Wage Reporting

We Integrate With the Best Software:


Sage Construction Software Authorized Partner:

With over 40 years of construction know-how built in, Sage is the most widely used software in the industry. Gain better business visibility with end-to-end construction accounting software with a range of solutions from preconstruction estimating, construction job costing, scheduling, project management, service management and accounting.

Plumb has a full-team of Sage Certified Consultants, each with over a decade of experience to deliver and optimize the best construction package for your business and specific needs.

Construction Accounting:

Since 1996, Plumb has been providing construction accounting and software resources to a variety of contractors. Strategic outsourcing is often the most effective way of achieving corporate objectives. Plumb’s team of Certified Consultants and Accounting experts are trained to hit the ground running, whether it be providing a full-scope of accounting services, to project clean-up work or system conversions and upgrades.