Construction Accounting Services

Plumb provides construction accounting services to help strengthen accounting departments and support the management team that need added expertise on an outsourced on-going or project basis. With Plumb’s foundation in construction accounting and years of experience, Plumb Accountants and Certified Software Consultants are knowledgeable with the most common accounting and reporting needs for contractors.

Our construction accounting services provide transparent reports and analysis to allow for better insights on project profitability. Gain a competitive advantage, while keeping in compliance with the application of best business practices and ongoing accounting support.

Construction Accounting & Software Service Offerings:

  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Work in Progress Schedule & Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Job Costing
  • Progress, unit-based and Time & Material Billing
  • Completed Contract & Percentage Complete revenue recognition.
  • Surety Reporting
  • Overhead Budgeting and Analysis
  • Equipment Costing and Analysis
  • GL Budget Preparation & Review
  • Material/Labor Analysis
  • Lien Waiver Tracking
  • Draw assembly
  • Subcontract Management
  • Estimating
  • Collections (Change Orders and Claims Accounting)
  • Prevailing Wage reporting
  • Software System Selection & Support