Adam Baruh Customizes NetSuite in Hackathon 4Good

SuiteWorld 2014: Adam Baruh Creates a NetSuite Solution in Hackathon 4Good

As part of this year’s SuiteWorld, the program launched the first annual “Hackathon 4Good”, an event bringing together NetSuite employees, customers and partners to develop innovative solutions to charity challenges. ┬áPlumb’s Adam Baruh, NetSuite Consultant participated in Hackathon 4Good and helped create a custom NetSuite solution for two grantees – Kiva and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

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Kiva Challenge:

  • Kiva facilitates micro-loans to alleviate poverty
  • Kiva needed to better show lenders how and where their loans are distributed

Winning NetSuite Customization Solution:

  • NetSuite Custom records to track loan data
  • CSV import, scheduled script + Kiva APIs to import loan financial data
  • Suitelet to visualize how loan gets re-invested over time

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Challenge:

  • PCA delivers workshops for youth athletics coaches
  • PCA needed to measure workshop attendance, effectiveness and impact

Winning NetSuite Solution:

  • Custom records + SuiteFlow to track workshop events and attendance
  • Custom records + online forms to send follow-up surveys
  • Dashboard for metrics and visualization of data
  • Mobile version of survey

For more information on NetSuite customization, read the blog “NetSuite Tips and Tricks”┬áby Adam Baruh.

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