Does your accounting software do more than just pay the bills?

Does Your Accounting Software Play a Role in Completing Successful Profitable Construction Projects?

Your accounting software if kept up-to-date should provide you with reports that can be used as a tool to establish good job cost estimates whether it is labor, material, sub-contractor, equipment or general costs.

•Your accounting software should be able to generate reports showing costs that have accrued to date.

•The costs to date and the estimated costs can then be used to project costs to finish the job.

•If you have projected overruns you can be proactive and take the steps needed to change the course of the job.

•At the end of the job you can analyze the actual costs to date against your original estimates and use the information to refine the job cost estimates for your next project.

The answer is Yes! If you have the right kind of accounting software it should do much more than just pay the bills! You should be able to generate reports that will provide information that will influence your bottom line and make your projects more profitable.

Some of the best Job Cost Accounting Software products on the market today are Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Timberline Office), Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder) and Plumb Contractor V. All of these software packages will give you better information about your jobs. Better information leads to superior profitability!

This is the time of year many contractors consider replacing their accounting software. If this discussion is occurring in your office please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. With our experience we can guide you to a software package that will be the perfect fit for your company!

What features do you think are essential to have in a job cost accounting software package? The SWAT Team would love to get your input!