How Plumb Family CFO Works with Wealth Managers

Plumb Family CFO Works in Partnership with Wealth Managers


Family CFO Wealth Managers

Plumb Family CFO does not manage money.  We work in partnership with wealth managers to ensure the highest quality data and reporting.  Not only does Plumb Family CFO help wealth managers maintain a comprehensive view of family wealth, but also gives the family full visibility into the performance of their portfolios.

Value to the Wealth Manager:

  • Offer Plumb Family CFO services as an extension of your own
  • Reliable client data
  • Customized reporting for planning needs
  • Better client visibility

Value to Your Clients:

  • Simplified financial structure
  • Timely and accurate financial reports
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Identifying/finding solutions to financial issues

Trigger Events:

  • High-net-worth individual or family
  • Complex financial structure
  • Disorganized and inaccurate financial data
  • Communication breakdown between client and trusted advisors


Client Testimonial

Plumb Family CFO provided me and my family with complete financial peace of mind. Their level of personal service is unmatched.” -Plumb Family CFO Client 


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