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Connected Commerce: Speeding the Life Blood of Business

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Interact more effectively with prospects, partners and customers.  For both B2B and B2C businesses, the world of commerce is changing fast.  The rapid proliferation of smart devices, the emergence of new platforms and global access to real-time connectivity is transforming how businesses sell – and how customers buy.

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The Rise of Connected Commerce – GoPro Case Study

We’ve built a very internationally reaching business from a sole headquarters here in California.  I think what made a lot of that work was our ability to push out real-time information to our distributors and to customers that were in different time zones.” Stephen Baumer, CTO, GoPro

Commerce for the 21st Century:

Several trends have combined to produce the revolution we are now seeing in commerce.  Let’s look at how enterprises must adapt to each of them to keep pace with the changing demands of today’s markets.

  • Connected Smart Platforms
  • Connected Smart Data
  • Connected Ecosystems
  • ESET Customer Success  ESET testimonial 
  • Connected Enterprise Systems
  • Magellan Customer Success

Preparing for a Connected Future

In both B2B and B2C sectors, the world of commerce is changing fast.  The rapid proliferation of smart devices, the widespread availability of new platforms for business automation and global access to real-time connectivity have opened up completely new ways of doing business.  Pioneers such as Amazon and Apple are the most visible role models for these new style of commerce, but many others – both newcomers and established names – are testing and refining new business models and practices enabled by the convergence of these new trends.

To read to entire NetSuite eCommerce White Paper, download here.

Connected Commerce: Speeding the Lifeblood of Business.

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