Case Study: NetSuite for Nonprofit Organization Cord

NetSuite provides nonprofit organizations with a single, web-based solution to integrate its core business practices. Dramatically reduce IT costs, eliminate onerous spreadsheet-based reporting and improve employee productivity. donates NetSuite software to social enterprises to support and accelerate their growth. By supporting the growth of social enterprises, NetSuite seeks to accelerate their social impact. TAG is a NetSuite Authorized Business Partner.

Cord Promotes International Peace and Development with the Help of

Client: International nonprofit organization Cord has strived to promote peace in troubled nations in Africa and Asia, most recently Chad, Burundi, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Based in the U.K., Cord maintains personnel in each country to work with local communities and help people suffering in the aftermath of conflict.

Situation: What wasn’t connected was Cord’s business applications and IT infrastructure. The organization struggled with on-premise silos of donor and financial data scattered across applications and spreadsheets. Staff wasted valuable time piecing data together, fund-raising effectiveness was undermined by poor visibility into its 15,000-member donor database and teams had difficulty getting an accurate timely view of budgets.

Solution: Refocusing Energies on the Goal.
Cord now has a single, integrated view of donor and financial data, and a set of built-in marketing tools, with an implementation of NetSuite and NetSuite CRM through the corporate citizenship program. arranges free and deeply discounted software for charities and qualified social enterprise. NetSuite meets Cord’s requirements for a single cloud-based system that eliminated the risk of interruption to on-premise systems and offered scalability as Cord grows, with a goal of doubling income by 2016.

“NetSuite has changed our whole fund-raising function. It’s very easy to use, very intuitive, and the reporting and dashboards are great,” said Susan Barlow Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Cord. “NetSuite is the solution to all our problems in one bundle and is absolutely the springboard we need to reach more beneficiaries in Africa and Asia.”

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