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Plumb is Southern California’s premier NetSuite Solution Provider with a full team of NetSuite Certified Consultants that specialize in NetSuite Professional Services, including:

  • NetSuite customizations and configurations
  • Workflows and creating processes in NetSuite
  • Scripting
  • 3rd Party Add-ons
  • NetSuite training and support
  • NetSuite Enhancements – click here for a partial list.

NetSuite professional services Reimagining Professional Services Post-Recession

Written by: Brian Sommer, ZDNet blogger at www.zdnet.com

If you close your eyes for a moment, can you remember what your services world looked like in late 2008 and early 2009?  It was a pretty dark space.  Clients abruptly halted projects or drastically cut back spending on consultants.  Your firm, if typical, probably cancelled training, scaled back recruiting, froze wages, and made other moves to survive.

Today, the professional services world is changing once again in the recovering post-recession economy.  But don’t make the mistake of assuming that this economy is picking up right where the economy of 2008 left off.  It’s very different.

Service organizations now are seeing consultants who are more empowered and hungry to make up for lost time.  The best and brightest in your firm want everything they’ve missed these last six years or so.  They don’t want to just restart their stalled careers – they want to get them to a point they would have been had the recession not occurred.  They want large salary increases and missed promotions.  And if they don’t get them from your firm, they will, to paraphrase Dear Abby, “seek true love elsewhere.”

Increasing consultant expectations in the post-recession world will have a huge impact on professional services margins.  Higher wages will lower margins.  More training will reduce the number of available chargeable hours, increasing costs and cutting into billable revenue.  Competitors will poach your best people to refill and expand their benches.  You can expect your HR group to report more voluntary departures and rising costs and time as they work to replace lost talent.  Expect signing bonuses, recruiting, advertising, and other costs to rise just to maintain the level of talent you have today.

If you don’t think that salaries are rising, a recent PSVillage Professional Services Benchmark report noted that average salaries for professional services executives rose approximately 20 percent in just the last two years. That’s significantly higher than cost of living increases in the same time period.  To continue reading this article, click here.

About Plumb:

Plumb’s growing team of NetSuite experts has enhanced their Southern California presence in the rapidly expanding cloud-computing industry.  Through NetSuite, Plumb is able to give their clients access to a world class development platform and an innovated line-up of cloud-based business management solutions. NetSuite’s core integrated suite combines ERP, CRM, PSA, E-commerce and NetSuite OneWorld, the system for multi-entity and multi-subsidiary.

Plumb is an authorized NetSuite Solution Provider and offers valued financial and business resources and counsel for companies and individuals on the move.  With over 400 clients in Southern California, Plumb’s partnership with NetSuite provides a revolutionary solution for companies in any stage of growth.  Plumb is located at 1227 Prospect Street, Suite 200, La Jolla, CA  92037, with additional offices in Rancho Santa Fe, CA and Newport Beach, CA.

For more information regarding Plumb’s NetSuite Professional Services, contact us.