NetSuite vs. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics

You’ve decided you don’t want to run your software solution in-house, and it’s time to move to the cloud.  But it’s important to recognize that not all applications provided over the internet are equal, and that some “cloud” choices aren’t actual cloud solutions at all.

Benefits of NetSuite’s Cloud Solution that Hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP Can’t Match

There are many aspects of a true cloud solution that Microsoft’s hosted Dynamics ERP does not live up to.  IDC provides a simple comparison, of a public cloud solution  – NetSuite vs. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics.  It clearly identifies areas such as scaling, self service, integration, and flexibility that are all important advantages of a public cloud solution.

NetSuite vs. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains)


NetSuite vs Hosted Microsoft Dynamics

Learn key benefits that a true cloud solution – NetSuite – provides to your business that a hosted – Microsoft Dynamics – cannot match.

  1. With NetSuite you never have to wait for upgrades
  2. With a cloud vendor, like NetSuite, you can achieve substantially better economies of scale
  3. NetSuite customizations migrate seamlessly during an upgrade
  4. With NetSuite, you can customize the application with self-service tools
  5. The cloud vendor can optimize the application based on usage
  6. You can more easily add and integrate other cloud-based applications with NetSuite
  7. Your users can access the application more easily
  8. It’s easier to resolve customer issues with NetSuite
  9. Your applications are more secure than a hosted solution

For full details of these key benefits, download the white paper  by NetSuite

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NetSuite vs Hosted Microsoft Dynamics



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