Tips to Launch your Nonprofit Grantseeking

Article provided by: GrantStation

Five Tips to Launch Your Nonprofit GrantSeeking in 2015

  1. Make Transparency your new mantra.  Openness, communication, and accountability are key words when discussing transparency.  Share as much as you can about your nonprofit organization by publishing information on your website.  When you want to fund a special project, be open about which nonprofit grantmakers you have applied to and for how much.  That will help other grantmakers decide if they would also like to offer their support.
  2. Submit a mix of online and offline applications.  Organizations that submit both online and offline grant applications report more awards (over twice as many) than organizations that do not submit any online grant requests.
  3. Apply to “other” funding sources.  “Other” grant sources (including religious organizations, the United Way, donor-advised funds, civic organizations and individual donors) have increased as a funding source by 17% since 2013, so be sure to diversify your sources.
  4. Make time for nonprofit grantseeking.  Lack of time and staff is the greatest challenge to successfully applying for grants.  Schedule time for nonprofit grantseeking just as you would schedule an important series of planning sessions.
  5. Secure collaborative partners.  Collaboration is no longer an option.  Securing strong partnerships is now a necessity when making grant applications.  In fact, this is how you can give your grant proposal the edge over other applications. Find strong partners, and not necessarily the most obvious ones, to set your proposal apart from others.

GrantStation is an online fundraising resource that provides information on more than 6,500 funders accepting inquiries.

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