Stories From the Future: Using Scenarios in Nonprofit Work

The Nonprofit Leadership Forum Presents

Stories From the Future: Using Scenarios in Nonprofit Work

The future is not fully knowable, nor does it arrive completely unannounced.  By creating stories from the future, nonprofits can bolster the creativity and credibility of visioning and planning efforts and ensure they consider not only trends, but also uncertainties as they set their course.  This session will offer examples of scenario planning efforts in the nonprofit work field and introduce participants to the process of developing scenarios for their own organizations.

The Nonprofit Leadership Forum was established with the help of Plumb, First Republic Bank, and The San Diego Foundation to offer quarterly educational presentations to enhance the success of San Diego’s nonprofit organizations.

Join us for a complimentary lunch and informative discussion for those serving in the nonprofit sector as staff, board members, board chairman or executive directors.

Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Time: 11:30AM – 1:00PM 

Location: The San Diego Foundation: 2508 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego, CA  92106


Katie King is an independent consultant, futurist and writer. She has led or contributed to foresight projects for The San Diego Foundation, KnowledgeWorks, Teach the Future, and the Lumina Foundation. She is completing her graduate degree in Foresight at the University of Houston and has a degree in Print Journalism with a minor in Race, Ethnicity and Politics from the University of Southern California.

A former foundation program manager and middle school teacher, Katie works with organizations who want to understand the future so they can do more good, better. Driven by the belief that we must understand how change works in order to influence it, she helps clients envision possibilities of the future so they can have a hand in shaping it. Katie lives in Northern California with her husband, Joe.

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