Top Considerations to Make the Switch from QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor

Has your construction company reached the point where QuickBooks is no longer adequately serving your business? Do you need to move beyond basic spreadsheets and improve efficiencies? Are you contemplating a software package that will combine accounting, project management, job costing and estimating all in one?

Make the Switch from QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor


Top Considerations:

        • Stronger business visibility and control: Sage 100 Contractor allows you to make clear-sighted decisions, through at-a-glance dashboards, extensive reports, and access to drill-down details – visibility that is more construction-specific compared to QuickBooks.
        • Increased confidence in your numbers: Sage 100 Contractor offers capabilities designed for construction, so you can better mitigate risks and control costs.  It provides an audit process that satisfies certified reporting requirements.  Your reports can present the organization and details required by unions or sureties.  You also have the capability to track operations by deadlines, critical tasks, assets, parts and hours.
        • Streamlined construction processes: From estimating and scheduling to job costing and change order management, to retainage, bond and union reporting, Sage 100 Contractor integrates each step of your process. In contrast, QuickBooks users often rely on Excel or Word, or third-party applications to track business operations, resulting in inefficiency, errors and duplicate entry. 
        • Handle field operations, project management, and service dispatch with ease: Sage 100 Contractor provides estimating, scheduling, project document and contract control features that manage the job to completion.  QuickBooks does not offer construction-specific capabilities and detail needed to be successful and profitable. 
        • Count on industry-experience customer support: With over 40 years of construction know-how built in, Sage is the most widely used software in the building industry.  When you purchase Sage 100 Contractor from Plumb, a team of Sage Certified Consultants work with your business from the early stages of module selection to implementation, customization, training and on-going support. Plumb guarantees your successful transition from QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor

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