Top 5 Reasons You Have Outgrown QuickBooks

Is QuickBooks still the right choice to drive success in the next stage of your company’s growth?  At what point do the costs of maintaining QuickBooks outweigh the benefits of keeping it in place? When is the right time to move off of QuickBooks?

Thousands of businesses arrive at a similar crossroads every year.  These 5 Top Reasons outline common business process inefficiencies that you might see reflected in your business – the telltale signs that you have begun to reach the limits of QuickBooks or have already outgrown it.


1.  It’s Too Hard to Find out What is Really Happening Across your Business Right Now

  • You’re wasting time playing “hunt the spreadsheet”
  • Your management reports are prone to errors, or are out-of-date
  • Simple QuickBooks reports take an unacceptable amount of time to run and print

Example – Upwind Solutions  read case study


  • Sales, Project Management and Accounting operating independently
  • Spanning the above: allocating human resources, invoicing the customer
  • Reconciling billing to proposal
  • Monthly closing process takes 5 – 7 days

2.  Too Much Time Re-Entering and Reconciling Data across Systems

  • Paper trails of sales orders, manual order entry and invoicing
  • Incorrect customer information resulting in customer dissatisfaction
  • Slow and disjointed approval processes
  • Financial consolidation simply takes ages
  • Sales forecasting and budgeting processes rely on too much guesswork

Example Two – Personal Services/Law Firm/Legal Department Outsourced Services


  • Sales Reps are producing proposals with old pricing and there is no approval process, and no audit trail on changes to the S/O
  • Offices are in other countries and being able to see budget-to-actual for a given service line across subsidiaries would be a full week of a person’s time, especially with different currencies
  • Revenue recognition requires yet another person
  • Accounting is always angry at Sales: forecasts don’t match budgets; operating “off the reservation”

3.  You’re Losing Sales Because You Can’t Get Information Where It’s Needed Fast Enough

  • Customer service fails because agents don’t have up-to-date info
  • Stock never seems to be where customers want it
  • Customers and vendors can’t self-serve information on the website
  • You can’t easily collect and filter customer info for sales campaigns

Example Three – Importer/Distribution of Electronics


  • Out-of-stock for “A” Customers even though they provided a forecast
  • Product is shipped across the country, overnight at no charge
  • Frequent change orders to overseas suppliers
  • Purchase planning takes almost one month
  • The warehouse is a mess, with one product being kept in multiple picking locations
  • Bottom line: Company is anemic – customers are sucking the profit out of orders because the system does not allow for variable item pricing structures

4.  You’re Doing More of Your Accounting Outside of QuickBooks Than In It!

  • Finance staff members are using several different applications to do their jobs
  • It’s too difficult to add new sales channels, product lines or locations
  • You can’t adapt fast enough to changing business conditions

Example Four – Manufacturer of cell phone batteries


  • Because of different ownership, data is taken from QuickBooks and re-entered into applications in order to generate the appropriate financial statement fora given partner
  • Financial reports do not “foot”.  Financial reports do not “foot” with sales reports or inventory reports

5.  You Spend Too Much Time Worrying about Technology Instead of Focusing on Business Results

  • You keep putting off upgrades and improvements because of the cost and disruption
  • You’re constantly worrying about back-ups, server failures, malware and data security
  • The time it takes before you see a return makes you nervous of investing in new technology

Example Five – Provider of mental care services across the U.S.


  • Management is penny-wise and pound-foolish
  • They have a customized system that hasn’t been upgraded for over three years
  • An ROI on improvements is either avoided or mistrusted
  • It seems like management is paralyzed

If you’ve been experiencing any of the signs that QuickBooks is facing your business, it may be a time to consider the cloud-based products and services that NetSuite offers.  Moving your company to the cloud allows for more efficient and effective business operations, enabling your employees to react to client and organizational needs in real time.

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