Sage 100 Contractor Upgrade

Sage 100 Contractor Upgrade: 2014 Versions 19.3 and 19.4

Sage 100 Contractor Upgrade

Experience the Sage 100 Contractor upgrade with new enhancements to move your business forward.  Time to upgrade to Version 19.3 and 19.4!

Take better control of your receivables payment processing.  Easily submit certified reporting in more states.  Streamline navigation to access external files and accelerate your workflow.

  • Get paid faster when you process virtual checks/ACH and credit card receivables easily and securely – Tight integration with Sage Payment Solutions means you can store sensitive bank and credit card information in a secure PCI-compliant vault, rather than your software.  Enter data only once through Sage 100 Contractor to record it in both your accounting system and Sage Payment Solutions.  With a single logon, you gain immediate access to all your critical payment data and protect your company from fraud, noncompliance fines or potential legal action.
  • Save time and resources with automated certified reporting for government-funded projects in 49 states – Generate and submit certified government reports in compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act in all states except Washington.  Gain greater visibility into your compliance status when you create, print and opt to e-file (using Aatrix eFiling Services) weekly report forms that conform to varying state regulations.
  • Add desktop process shortcuts to speed navigation and workflows – With the Sage 100 Contractor upgrade, you can create process shortcuts to most file types and website links right on the Sage 100 Contractor desktop.  Simply click to access the critical information you need exactly when you need it without leaving Sage 100 Contractor.  Reference (or include) the data in question and you’re back to your project in a flash.

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