Sage 100 (Master Builder) Offers QuickBooks "Trade-In" Promotion

Running a construction business is hard.
Doing it with QuickBooks® is even harder.

For a limited time, Sage will be offering a $500 “credit” towards an upgrade from QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor.

QuickBooks is easy, inexpensive, and when it comes to construction, incomplete. In fact, here are five key tasks you can do with Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) that you can’t do with QuickBooks that will make your life easier and your business smarter:

• Estimate and purchase by part and job cost code, cost type, and division.

• View current budget including change orders, less actual costs, and committed costs to date by part and job cost, cost type, and division.

• Track subcontract and purchase agreements as costs are incurred to prevent overpayment.

• Proactively monitor insurance compliance for uninsured subs and unsigned lien waivers.

• Generate customized AIA billing documents and T&M billings.

To learn more about the trade-in promotion and benefits of Sage 100 Contractor, please contact:

Jane Montijo
Certified Software Consultant
phone: 858-210-4715