San Diego Design Forward Summit

San Diego Design Forward Brings Together Designers, Civic Leaders & Industry Innovators


San Diego is an amazing city of beautiful beaches and vacation spots.  But the city is so much more, and now it is setting big goals, striving to be the world leader in design thinking.

If you are not familiar with the term design thinking (and design doing), you likely have been in its presence. You may even be using it without knowing it.

What is design thinking?

Don Norman, the originator of the movement and Director of University of San Diego Design Lab, perhaps best defines it best:

San Diego Design“It means stepping back from the immediate issue and taking a broader look.  It requires systems thinking: realizing that any problem is part of larger whole, and that the solution is likely to require understanding the entire system.  It requires deep immersion into the topic, often involving observation and analysis.  Tests and frequent revisions can be components of the process.  Sometimes this is done in groups: multidisciplinary teams who bring different forms of expertise to the problem.  Perhaps the most important point is to move away from the problem description and take a new, broader approach.” -Don Norman

This San Diego design thinking movement was officially kicked off at the June 2016 “Design Forward San Diego” conference.  The speakers included Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who stated the goal to make San Diego the Design Thinking and Doing world leader will happen through the combined efforts of industry, agencies, non-profits, academia and government.

This landmark event was held in the I.D.E.A District of San Diego, which is a 93-acre sustainable, mixed-use development in Downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood that is driven by design and technology. The San Diego Design District is a living laboratory that fosters creative and collaborative energy in innovation, design, education and the arts.

At Plumb, the NetSuite Division has been using design thinking to leverage NetSuite to achieve business excellence.

Plumb’s holistic approach to software implementations and ongoing professional services revolves around the following:

  • Developing efficient processes
  • Optimizing the software configuration
  • Empowering our clients

We use these techniques to create engaging and UX centric ecommerce experiences using NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced platform.  Plumb is one of only a dozen NetSuite Digital Agency Partners that is SCA-Certified, providing the combination of back-office commerce solutions with creative front-end design to deliver highly effective ecommerce websites.

Plumb is literally on the map of companies that are actively working to realize the San Diego Design Forward’s objectives.

San Diego Design Map

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  • I.D.E.A District – Design Forward San Diego 

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