San Diego Distributor Runs On NetSuite

San Diego Distributor NetSuite Case Study written by Barney Beal, NetSuite Content Director

Cloud ERP a 10-year Journey for DiscounTechnology

San Diego Distributor | NetSuite Case Study

San Diego Distributor NetSuite

Ten years ago the idea of managing a company from one, unified, cloud-based suite of applications would likely have seemed unfathomable to many.  Jesse Menczer, CIO of DiscounTechnology, an independent San Diego distributor and value-added-reseller of enterprise  storage systems, hard disk drives, solid state drives and networking technology, went looking for a comprehensive solution and just happened to find it in the cloud.

The San Diego, California-based company launched using QuickBooks as its accounting software, but Menczer knew that this platform would not be sufficient to meet the company’s ambitious growth needs.

“I knew from the beginning I wanted to have as close to a one stop shop as possible,” Menczer said.  “I spent three years evaluating different platforms to find if there was a way to do it in one large suite.”

What he found was NetSuite, and DiscounTechnology now runs its entire business on NetSuite, including:

  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • CRM
  • Customer Support
  • Payroll
  • Ecommerce

Not to rush into things, Menczer took his time implementing NetSuite as well.

“The goal was not to piece-meal it,” Menczer said.  “We wanted to make one large transition.  Rip the band aid off as quickly as possible, so to speak.  We went live with everything on the same day.  It was an aggressive maneuver.”

And one that paid off.  In the past 10 years with NetSuite, distributor DiscounTechnology has grown top line revenue by about 1,000 percent, staff by 700 percent and it now counts 80,000 customer selling globally.

Menczer said the company went with NetSuite probably before it needed that level of functionality.

“We adopted NetSuite long before we were economically ready for NetSuite, with the belief we would grow to a place where it made sense without having to undergo the forklift upgrades in the middle of the process,” he said.  “We had faith the product would stand up to the promise and it did.  Here we are many years later and it’s still working smoothly for our organization.”

Both NetSuite and DiscounTechnology have grown together.  Ten years later, NetSuite now counts 20,000 companies as customers.

About Plumb:

Plumb’s growing team of NetSuite experts has enhanced their Southern California presence in the rapidly expanding cloud-computing industry.  Through NetSuite, Plumb is able to give their clients access to a world class development platform and an innovated line-up of cloud-based business management solutions. NetSuite’s core integrated suite combines ERP, CRM, PSA, E-commerce and NetSuite OneWorld, the system for multi-entity and multi-subsidiary.

Plumb is an authorized NetSuite Solution Provider and offers valued financial and business resources and counsel for companies and individuals on the move.  With over 400 clients in Southern California, Plumb’s partnership with NetSuite provides a revolutionary solution for companies in any stage of growth.  Plumb is located at 1227 Prospect Street, Suite 200, La Jolla, CA  92037, with additional offices in Rancho Santa Fe, CA and Newport Beach, CA.

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