Plumb & AGC Course: Best Practices in Construction Software

Construction Financial Management Training
Best Practices in Construction Accounting Software
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Wednesday, May 29th from 11:30 – 1:30 at the Association of General Contractors – San Diego Chapter.

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The purpose of this class is to help you effectively use your construction accounting software from systems ranging from Excel, QuickBooks and Sage – Timberline & Master Builder. Learn how your software can go beyond accounting to create operational efficiencies that can increase business, reduce costs and minimize risk. Utilizing the appropriate construction software for your company, while keeping it up-to-date and current, will help you focus on your business, rather than your software. Learn that your software is a tool that can assist in all aspects of accounting, estimating and job costing.

Learning Objectives:
• Whether you’re a General Contractor, Subcontractor or Construction Management firm, determine if you’re currently using the proper construction accounting software package.
• Get better change order management and find additional revenue with change orders.
• Learn to create committed cost reports to know exactly where you are on the job – not just at completion, but before and during the job.
• Gain instant access to cost summaries by CSI, markups, and totals for estimates to ensure higher bid-to-win ratio.
• Find solutions for better job costing and eliminate duplicate entries.
• Learn how to get real-time access to data and reports with document management, high-speed search capabilities, classification, retrieval, and maximize storage space.
• Learn the importance of keeping your hardware/software current and updated.
• Learn the importance of End of Year updates.

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