Plumb Family CFO Testimonial

Plumb Family CFO Testimonial

Employee Spotlight on Anthony Smith

Plumb Family CFO received an incredible email the other day from one of our long-term clients.  He sent his praises about Plumb Family CFO services, and acknowledged all the great work that Anthony Smith, Kristin Navarro and the entire Plumb continue to provide for him. In addition to the on-going family bookkeeping services, the client utilized outsourced personal concierge services as well.  The family relocated homes and Plumb took care of setting up his new insurance, while cancelling previous property insurance, and arranging all utilities to be up and running when he moved in.

To learn more about how Plumb Family CFO can help on a project-basis for relocation, read this case study for more details. 

tony smithAnthony Smith, Client Associate, has been with Plumb Family CFO since 2011.  He is responsible for outsourced accounting services and financial reporting for high-net-worth families and corporations, including nonprofit organizations.  His duties include preparing cash flow statements, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and budgets.  He also processes bill payments and reconciles checking accounts, credit card accounts and brokerage accounts.

Smith has  been playing a crucial part in training new Plumb members, including a recent Jr. Staff Accountant new hire.

“Tony has gone above and beyond in training.  He is always available to answer any questions I have and shared helpful advice.  He has given me all the training necessary to be successful in this company and help give Plumb Family CFO clients financial peace of mind”.

Let Plumb Family CFO provide you a value that exceeds its cost.  Financial peace of mind is priceless.

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