How Plumb Family CFO works with CPAs

Plumb Family CFO works with CPAs to provide better client visibility

Plumb Family CFO CPA

Plumb Family CFO works in partnership with our client’s trusted advisors to provide the highest quality data and financial reporting to establish a holistic view of the client.

Plumb does not do taxes or tax planning.  Not only does Plumb Family CFO help fulfill CPA requests within the family, but we also keep the CPA informed of relevant events in their financial life.

As an added benefit to the CPA, Plumb Family CFO supplies an annual tax organizer as part of our 7-Step Process to the client. The annual tax organizer is a summary that outlines information being sent to the CPA.  Download sample of annual tax organizer.

Client Testimonial

Thank you for the Q4 statements. The statements are easy to read and to understand. I can review them so quickly that my time spent really does not do justice to the number of hours that go into preparing such a comprehensive report! I thank you for making this such an easy review.” -Plumb Family CFO Client 

Value to the CPA

  • Controller-level point of contact with client
  • Reliable client data
  • Customized reporting for planning needs
  • Better client visibility

Value to the Client

  • Timely and accurate financial reporting
  • One source for all data
  • Financial checks and balances
  • Internal communications with CPA
  • Accurate snapshot of monthly spending
  • Scalable accounting resource
  • More free time and financial peace of mind


About Plumb Family CFO:

The Plumb Family CFO division was established to focus exclusively on the personal finances and portfolios of our busy clients.  Anneke Stender, Vice President, Plumb Family CFO, leads an experienced team, including bookkeepers, accountants, and managers to provide world-class family accounting and reporting.  Our dedicated team of professionals has a passion for perfection and constantly strives to provide the highest level of service.  To learn more about Plumb Family CFO services, click here.