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Every business shares at least one thing in common: the need for effective accounting and financial management to make informed decisions.  However, not every business has the capacity to hire a full accounting team, with experts in each area.  There is a solution with Plumb outsourced accounting.  This allows for companies to select the level of accounting services they need, while utilizing professional expertise without the burden of hiring additional in-house staff.

At Plumb, we support and strengthen companies’ accounting departments and the management team by providing staff accountants to Controller and CFO-level services.  We bring financial intelligence that is accurate, timely and actionable, with the benefits of flexibility, cost savings and proven processes.

Plumb Outsourced Accounting Services Can Help:

  • During a transition period between hiring a full-time accounting staff member, bookkeeper, Controller or CFO.
  • To work on special projects, including audit preparation, acquisition integration, financial clean-up, cash flow planning and budget creation.
  • When in need of higher level strategic financial analysis and guidance.
  • During periods of rapid business expansion or contraction.

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