Ten Key Considerations When Selecting a Document Management Solution

Armed and Paperless: Ten Key Considerations when Selecting a Document Management Solution

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To put yourself in a better position to select the most appropriate solution for your organization, minimize costly “surprises,” and ensure the smoothest transition to a more streamlined and paperless environment, you need to “arm” yourself with key information. The following ten considerations can help guide you through the vendor selection process and ensure that you are making the best decision for your organization.

1. Is the document management solution fully integrated?
2. Does the document management solution respect the integrity of the accounting application?
3. How extensible and scalable is the document management solution?
4. How tight is the security?
5. Are reference calls and site visits provided?
6. How much should you expect to pay for a document management solution, and is the total cost of ownership stated up front?
7. How self-sufficient can your organization become with the document management solution?
8. Is your Sage partner involved?
9. Is the document management solution certified by Sage?
10. Is the document management solution endorsed by Sage?

The following White Paper explores each of the ten considerations in further detail.