AGC Seminar: Understanding Construction Financial Statements

Understanding Construction Financial Statements with Plumb & AGC

Construction Financial Management Series Lunch & Learn

Management of any business requires a flow of information to make informed, intelligent decisions affecting the success or failure of its operations. Investors need statements to analyze investment potential. Banks require construction financial statements to decide whether or not to loan money, and many companies need statements to ascertain the risk involved in doing business with their customers and suppliers.

This seminar, “Understanding Construction Financial Statements” will offer a review of the key components of a Construction Financial Statement to include a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Work-in-Progress.

Learning Objectives / Outcomes:

  • Review the use of Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Work-in-Progress Report
  • Learn key performance indicators
  • Understand the ‘rule of thumb’ for construction financial statements
  • Learn how to use the WIP report as a monthly management tool

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Time: 12:00 – 1:30PM (lunch included)

Instructor: Robert Scherer, President of Plumb

Price: $50 AGC Member; $75 Non-Member

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