Don't Risk Using ZIP Codes to Calculate Sales Tax

Zip Code Inaccuracy in Sales Tax Management: Best-Practice Assessment for Rate and Jurisdiction Identification.

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Did you know that using ZIP Codes to calculate sales tax rates is only accurate some of the time? States can have multiple, overlapping tax jurisdictions that do not align with ZIP Code boundaries. The truth of that matter is that ZIP Codes were not created to calculate sales tax, but instead were created to deliver the mail!

The key to accurately identifying sales tax jurisdictions is to pinpoint the correct destination or location of the transaction using geospatial technology; and Sage Sales Tax by Avalara is the easiest and most accurate way to do this. The cloud-based solution calculates sales tax based on a user’s exact physical location, and helps you manage exemption certificates as well as handle your sales tax filing and remittance.

Is managing sales tax a time-consuming process for your company? Our white paper, Zip Code Inaccuracy in Sales Tax Management, provides sales tax best practices and explains how tax-compliant businesses are calculating sales tax and meeting their obligations.

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