Bid Bond Assistance and Surety Reporting

Plumb Offers Bid Bond Assistance & Surety Reporting Services

Since 1996, Plumb has been providing contractors with outsourced accounting services, including bid bond assistance and surety reporting. Plumb’s team of certified consultants are knowledgeable with the most common accounting and surety reporting needs for contactors and their surety agents. In addition to outsourced accounting services, Plumb offers construction-specific software that complies with rigorous surety and bid bond reporting requirements.

To successfully manage your construction operations and respond confidently to bonding requests, contractors turn to Plumb for their accounting project needs and construction-specific accounting software.

Surety & Bid Bond Assistance

  • Provide comprehensive Work-in-Progress reports, that support a detailed Balance Sheet and Income Statement, with appropriate A/R and Subcontractor Payables, if applicable.
  • Assemble timely and accurate internally prepared financial statements.
  • Compile detailed operational information, including credit, capacity and character evaluations according to the SBA.
  • Ensure job costs and expected income are accurate in real-time, with Sage 100 Contractor.

Bond Reporting with Sage 100 Contractor

Get bonded and stay bonded with the help of Sage 100 Contractor. Since bid bond requirements have grown increasingly rigorous, construction-specific accounting software empowers you to handle this critical process with ease. You can quickly produce an up-to-the-minute, industry-standard Bond Report for your bonding or surety company.

Features & Benefits:

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About Plumb:

Plumb provides construction accounting services to help strengthen accounting departments and support the management team that need added expertise on an outsourced on-going or project basis. With Plumb’s foundation in construction accounting and years of experience, Plumb Accountants and Certified Software Consultants are knowledgeable with the most common accounting and reporting needs for contractors.

Our construction accounting services provide transparent reports and analysis to allow for better insights on project profitability or loss. As a Sage Authorized Reseller, Plumb will help you gain a competitive advantage, by delivering the best construction software package for your needs.

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