The Plumb Promise: Synergy, Success, Stewardship

Our promise to you about how we will work together.

We’re on a continuous journey to go above and beyond for our clients.

Here’s how we deliver on the Plumb Promise, and how we always ThinkPlumb™.



Synergy is defined as the cooperation of two organizations working together to produce a sum that is greater than their separate parts. At Plumb we create synergy through:

Clear and proactive communication with clients

Proven processes for onboarding and working with clients

Commitment to constant improvement for our clients



We believe these 3 pillars are vital to the overall success of our clients and their businesses. Please see below for just a few of the analytic points we review within each of these pillars to understand industry-specific performance, and to help guide our clients to success.

Profitability: Gross Profit Margins, Net Profit Margins, Return on Assets

Liquidity: Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Backlog Analysis to Revenue, Cash Forecasting 

Efficiency: Industry Specific Ratios such as Revenue Per Employee, Inventory Turn, Day Sales Outstanding, Inventory/SKU Profitability Analysis, Employee/Client Retention or Churn Rate Analysis, Equipment Utilization



We are invested and dedicated stewards of our clients’ businesses and their success.

We don’t claim to know everything, but we are proud of our extensive knowledge and experience in our target industries and with our software programs.

We seek to understand the business needs of our clients and the data and insights necessary for success and growth.

We promise to be powerful stewards who provide the data and knowledge our clients need to take their business to the next level.

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