Fractional CFO And Controller

Whether you're navigating growth stages or optimizing current operations, the expertise of a fractional CFO or controller can be transformative. Recognizing that not all businesses require or can afford full-time positions, Plumb offers fractional CFO and controller services. Our services are designed to provide your organization with the high-level financial guidance it needs, without the full-time expense.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience guiding companies of all sizes. We work closely with clients across various industries to deliver tailored financial leadership and help them overcome obstacles, pursue new opportunities, and set strategic direction.

About Our Fractional CFOs

We hand-pick our fractional CFOs for their extensive experience, specialized expertise, and passion for helping organizations thrive. Our experts have vast experience serving as CFO, Controller, and other senior finance roles at companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. To ensure maximum impact, we match each client with a fractional CFO based on their industry, current challenges, and goals.

Our fractional CFOs typically work with clients on a part-time, project, or interim basis. They seamlessly integrate into the leadership team, providing a full-time CFO's financial acumen and insights at a fraction of the cost. From optimizing cash flow to preparing for an audit, our fractional CFOs roll up their sleeves alongside clients each step of the way.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Fractional CFO

The impact that the right fractional CFO can deliver is invaluable. Their specialized expertise, objectives, and outside perspective equip leadership teams to reach peak performance. Specific benefits include:

Strategic Insights

Fractional CFOs analyze financials through a wide lens, identifying opportunities for operational improvement, expansion possibilities, & optimal resource allocation. Their insights power strategic planning.


Specialized Expertise

Our fractional CFOs hold advanced certifications and remain updated on the latest regulations, technologies, and methodologies. Clients can trust expert guidance tailored to their unique situation.


Objective Perspective

As outsiders looking in, fractional CFOs provide an impartial perspective on finances, growth plans, and leadership blind spots. This expansive viewpoint is vital for significant progress.


Cost Savings

Fractional CFOs deliver immense value at a fraction of the expense of a full-time executive. Organizations access top-tier talent without the overhead of benefits and support costs.

About Our Controllers

Our controllers offer extensive expertise in directing broad accounting operations while providing vital analytical support to leadership teams. With experience spanning various industries and unique company lifecycles, they understand firsthand technical compliance elements and strategic growth challenges.

Plumb’s controllers oversee critical areas like financial statement reporting, budgeting, forecasting, audit preparation, cash flow planning, and tax compliance. Process assessment and improvement initiatives also fall under their purview.

Controllers stay attuned to financial regulations, technologies, and reporting standards developments. This allows them to implement the latest automation platforms and analytics tools to increase company-wide efficiency, insights, and value delivery.

Beyond oversight of technical accounting, our controllers also translate numbers into insights that power strategy. Identifying emerging trends across markets and segments enables smart expansion decisions and competitive differentiation.

Evaluating new growth initiatives spans everything from cost-benefit analyses to ROI modeling and risk scenario planning. Even day-to-day variance analysis uncovers operational bottlenecks. Expert controllers reveal the strategic narratives hidden within financial data.

Benefits of Hiring 

A Professional Controller

Partnering with an outsourced controller delivers immense value. With their specialized experience, objective, and outside viewpoint untethered to internal politics, controllers enable organizations to navigate growth and change skillfully. Benefits include:

Strategic Insights

Controllers identify industry benchmarks, emerging trends, and scenarios to help leaders make decisions from an informed vantage point. Their analytics power strategy.


Improved Operations

Controllers boost productivity by overhauling budgets, streamlining reporting, refining forecasts, and implementing the latest technologies. Their oversight leads to optimized financial operations.


Enhanced Visibility

Controllers create insightful Key Performance Indicators, accurate financial statements, cash flow projections, and custom management reports that provide clarity for leadership. Their deliverables facilitate progress.


Risk Mitigation

Staying current on the latest regulations, controllers ensure compliance across all accounting functions and filings. This significantly limits audit, tax, and fraud vulnerabilities.


Why Choose Plumb?

At Plumb, our fractional CFO services stand out for the level of expertise and customization we provide. A few key reasons to partner with our team include:

Laser Focus on Target Industries:

We intricately understand the pain points, opportunities, and accounting needs within construction, manufacturing, e-commerce, and professional services. This allows us to provide each client with targeted solutions that speak the language of their busines.

The Power of Choice:

Our diverse talent pool and flexible arrangements - from periodic guidance to interim leadership - let clients get the exact level of support their situation demands. The choice is theirs based on their needs.

Hands-On, Collaborative Approach:

From evaluating technologies to refining budgeting processes, our fractional CFOs collaborate with leadership & finance teams. We roll up our sleeves, providing both high-level strategy & hands-on implementation.

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