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At TAG, we provide industry-specific accounting solutions from temp accounting to remote bookkeeping or fully outsourcing accounting departments, with the assurance that financial information is reported in a timely and accurate fashion.  Through our proprietary systems and 7-Step Process, Plumb becomes a highly effective extension of client operations.

By the Numbers:

Since 1996, Plumb has been providing outsourced corporate accounting services, with a focus in construction, real estate development, professional services industries, manufacturers and distributors.


By the Numbers

What is Temp Accounting?

Temp accounting is another term for outsourced accounting, accounting help or part-time accounting solutions.  Plumb offers scalable accounting solutions, providing long-term or short-term accounting help based on company’s requirements and budget.

The common thread for all successful businesses is the need for accurate financial data to make informed decisions.  In many instances, small and mid-sized businesses do not have the resources to support a full accounting department consisting of VP of Finance, CFO, Controller, Accounting Managers, Staff Accountants and Bookkeepers.  It’s common for companies to either underutilize or overpay their senior-level financial staff by having them perform general accounting and bookkeeping duties.  A lot of small businesses have their Staff Accountant or Bookkeeper perform high-level accounting functions, such as month-end financial reports and analysis, potentially producing inaccurate information.

With outsourced accounting, specific to your industry, Plumb can be a resource for temp accounting during a transition period; between hiring a full-time, in-house staff, or to work on special projects and financial clean-up.

Industry-Specific Outsourced & Temp Accounting Services:

Locations Served: San Diego | Orange County | Riverside County | Remote Accounting Nationwide

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Could your business benefit from temp accounting services or outsourced accounting solutions?  Plumb is here to help!

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