The Carnival of Instagram for Business Marketing

Tips to Improve your Instagram for Business Account

Written by: Maritza Villagomez | Plumb Marketing Intern 

Question: If given the choice of free food or free Instagram likes for your business, which would you choose?

At TAG, we say free food because we know how to get free likes and followers.

Instagram for business marketing uses a different way of communicating.

Plumb has been active on Instagram since 2013, and has since then been interacting visually with the Instagram for business community. We share our milestones and portray our company culture through a variety of images and videos, aimed at dividing the barrier between us and you.

We will explore how to gain Instagram for business followers by approaching it the way we would a carnival.

Tip 1: Scope – Compare Posts | #Hashtags | Competitive LandscapeInstagram for business

The first thing one does upon arriving to a carnival is scope out the place to see what is available and what you might want to try out. The same goes for your Instagram account. Look at the posts you have published in the past and compare which ones got the most likes and interaction, versus which ones didn’t. But don’t stop there. Go to the Instagram pages of other businesses in your industry and look at what types of posts work for them. You should not only take note of the kinds of posts that are successful, but also of the #hastags that are used on these posts. Different market audiences are attracted by different #hastags, and therefore, not using your #hashtags effectively may prevent your post from being seen by potential customers.

Tip 2: Plan – Create Goals and Content Calendarinstagram for business

After scoping out the fairgrounds, one normally creates a plan on how one plans on tackling everything effectively. This is the next step. To help you organize your content and follow your progress, you should create goals and a content publishing calendar. Potential goals include: increasing number of followers, receiving a certain number of comments on a post, or even following a certain amount of legitimate people who might be potential customers. Try to make your goals and numbers as specific as possible. General goals such as “gain new Instagram followers,” are not very effective. Instead, you should try something like: “gain 30 new Instagram followers within the next three weeks starting on [current date] and ending on [future date]. This makes you accountable for a specific number, you know what you are working towards, and it provides a deadline so that you feel some pressure to reach your goal.

Tip 3: Make an Impression – Have a Bio that Stands out by Solving a Problem | Landing Pages that Convertinstagram for business

The first thing I normally do at a carnival is eat. This where we will talk about building a profile that converts. To most people, a deep fried oreo does not sound like the most delicious thing in the world. However, add whipped cream, sprinkles, and music in the background, and suddenly it doesn’t seem like such as bad idea. All of a sudden, everyone wants to buy that deep fried oreo and post it on their social media for all to see, because they believe that their lives are better because they got to try a deep fried oreo. Your bio on your Instagram should be like this. You may not be selling life changing deep fried oreos, but you can tell people how you can make their lives better. Remember, your customers/clients want to know how you can make their lives better, not when you were founded. When people are ready to discover how you will make their lives better, you should have a landing page on your website designed specifically for people who reached your page through Instagram. This page should be designed for the demographic that you are trying to attract on your Instagram page, because these people the ones who more than likely discovered you through Instagram.

Tip 4: Experiment – Try out New Instagram for Business Features: Create your “Story”, Slideshow Pictures, & Direct Messaginginsta for business

Next I like to check out the vendors/attractions that are at the carnival. The equivalent to this on Instagram is to check out which features are available for you to use. Most people are aware that they can post pictures, however, Instagram also allows you to create a “story” which lasts 24 hours, and is essentially a slideshow of pictures and videos that you decide to add to your story. Stories are great for when you are attending events, or when your workplace is having a social/causal day (such as Casual Fridays). The story feature is basically great for showing your clients and customers your company culture. Another important feature that Instagram has is the direct message feature. Although it is not the most professional form of communication, it is a great way to answer questions and recommend people to check out your website or come into the office for more information. It is easier for a person to send a direct Instagram message to a company, than it is to send an email, because they don’t feel like they have committed to anything. It is a more causal way to communicate, but also a great opportunity to get people to commit when otherwise they would have never reached out.

Tip 5: Engage – Develop a Theme for your Instagram for Business Accountinsta for business

Rides represent the different types of posts that one can do. Just like with rides, there are safer options, and more risky ones, popular options that you ride again and again, and others that use only ride once or occasionally. Decide what part of your business you want to represent through your Instagram page (company culture, services/products, philanthropy, or a combination of everything). This will help determine the types of posts that you should post. However, when making posts it is important to keep in mind that you should post things that evoke strong positive emotions. Possible types of posts are:

  • Holidays/Current World Events
  • Social media trends
  • Posts highlighting or giving shootouts to customers/clients/partners
  • Highlighting team members
  • Sharing achievements/accomplishments
  • Infographics
  • Reusing images that others may post on Instagram of your product/service (provides a different point of view)

Tip 6: Reflect –  Continue to Analyze your Posts and Take Chances with New Contentinstagram for business

At the end of the day, when you get home and reflect on all the great pictures you and your friends took at the carnival, it makes all the exhaustion worth it. But then your stomach starts making weird noises, and you start to regret eating that deep fried oreo that sounded like a good idea earlier. It definitely tasted good, but never again. Keeping up with your Instagram account is the same way. You should go back and analyze what went well, and what didn’t. Remember, just like that deep fried oreo, not all good ideas work out in the end. Good ideas are subjective to your target audience, and as time changes, good ideas change also. The key is to learn from your mistakes. If your post did not reach as many people as you expected, look at what has worked recently, and provide more of those posts instead. It is important to note that I am NOT telling you to play it safe and always post the same type of content. On the contrary. You should explore new ideas and see if they work out. Only that way will you be able to discover new ideas on what works for your target audience, and discard those ideas that don’t work.  If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of possible ways to promote your content through social media and the web, check out this guide from First Site Guide.


MaritzaMaritza Villagomez graduates from the University of California, San Diego in June 2017 with a B.S. in Management Science, and minor in Business* (with an emphasis in organizational behavior) from Rady School of Management. She aspires to work at a large marketing agency or information technology company, and one day found her own start-up marketing agency.  

When she’s not juggling an internship at Plumb, perfecting her Instagram page or attending college, Maritza has a passion for performing arts and women empowerment. 


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