Plumb Accountants: What the PACE Palette Tells Us

Plumb Accountants: Quarterly Meeting

Written by: Macy Samin, Marketing & Communications Associate at Plumb


Plumb’s Q2 Training session was led by President, Robert Scherer and featured The PACE Palette, a personality assessment tool designed to enhance communication in the workplace. The training was interactive, memorable, and highly enlightening. The PACE Palette represents four general personality types as four colors – red, yellow, blue, and green. We are each a combination of all four colors, and the PACE Palette allowed Plumb accountants to identify their dominant and secondary colors.

To discover their color, Plumb began with the PACE Palette Score Card and identified which groups of words/phrases seem most in line with their personality. Between the four different word categories, they would identify which group of adjectives most describes their personality and place the number 4 in the box. The Plumb accountants then proceeded to score the remaining boxes from three to one, from most to least descriptive of their personality. After repeating this process for all five rows, they added up the numbers in each vertical column and the totals were placed in their correlating box. The column with the highest total, correlates to a certain color – and the colors of each column were revealed. The color with the highest total is the participant’s dominant color, and the second highest total is the participant’s secondary color.

Plumb Accountants: By the Numbers

The Colors of Plumb

The Plumb team had a nearly even distribution between blue, green, and yellow personality types. What The PACE Palette tells us is that Plumb accountants are not only problem solvers, analytical, caring and flexible, but we are also reliable, loyal, and dutiful.  Here’s an overview:

Overall, the PACE Palette training received rave reviews from the Plumb accountants and has been a useful tool in promoting effective communication skills and supporting understanding of fellow team members.

For more information on The PACE Organization, Inc., and The PACE Palette Training, visit their website

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