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Case Study: Home Builder in San Diego Tracks Equipment Costing with Sage 300 CRE & Equipment Cost Module

For contractors and home builders, equipment should be used as a productivity tool that is costed to projects.  An effective equipment costing system charges projects for the full cost of the equipment each uses.


Home builder in San Diego uses Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate for job costing, project management, estimating and producing consolidated financial statements for their multi-entity company.  They opt to add Equipment Cost module as it fully integrates with Sage 300 CRE and easily tracks all the costs associated with their equipment by project, revenue, location, maintenance and profitability for their entire fleet.

Watch: Video demo of Sage 300 CRE

Equipment Costing Needs:

The home builder needed specific cost codes and job numbers to be set up in their Sage 300 CRE software.  They also wanted to cost out equipment at specified rates to see how well each piece of equipment was being utilized.  Lastly they wanted a solution to keep track of all pieces of equipment, including the maintenance costs.

Home Builder Equipment Inventory List Includes:

  • Trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Generators
  • Large to small equipment

The Equipment Cost module in Sage 300 CRE helps to maximize equipment investments by:

1. Equipment Tracking

  • ID code each piece of equipment and maintain a log
  • Track rental and ownership information
  • Group equipment by type
  • Track equipment revenue and cost information for profit analysis

2. Revenue and Cost Tracking

  • Define equipment revenue and cost codes
  • Record cost and revenue amount totals
  • Analyze trends in cost, revenue, profits with historical equipment costing

3. Entry and Processing

  • Enter equipment revenue by cost rate or hourly basis
  • Enter cost info through Payroll or directly into Equipment Cost module
  • Customize cost and revenue entry grids

4. Inquiry

  • Comes with pre-designed Equipment Cost inquiries
  • Drill down on summary information
  • Modify more than 100 inquiries using Sage 300 Inquiry Designer

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