(Virtual Event Line-Up) Sage Construction Software + Add-On Solutions

Whether you are a current client using Sage Timberline, Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Estimating products, or if you are in the market to find new construction software.  This list of (free) virtual Sage Construction Software events will help point you in the finding the right solution for your company.

TAG is a Value-Added-Reseller of the Sage Construction Suite of Software including Sage Timberline (Sage 300 CRE), Sage 100 Contractor, Sage Estimating and Sage Intacct Construction.  Plumb works with companies across the globe to help determine which software is right for their specific needs.  It starts by filling out a construction software assessment form, so we can customize a 1:1 live software demo as a trial.

Sage Construction Software: Webinar Schedule for June 2020

Sage Paperless Construction:

Sage Paperless Construction integrates with Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor. It is a paperless workflow system that helps route documents virtually through the accounting department and operations. The software allows you to create eForms to capture data on any mobile device, such as daily reports, site photos, change orders, and much more.  Sign-up for a webinar here>>

  • Go Paperless with Sage Paperless Construction | June 8 @ Noon PST
  • Sage Paperless Construction Tips & Tricks | June 9 @ Noon PST
  • Enable Workflow Automation with Sage Paperless Construction OCR | June 15 @ Noon PST
  • Sage Paperless Cloud Connected Tools | June 16 @ Noon PST
  • Go Paperless with Sage Paperless Construction | June 22 @ Noon PST
  • Manage Expenses with the new Credit Card Transactions Importer | June 23 @ Noon PST

Sage Service Operations:

SSO is a cloud-based solution that gives field and office better communication of service requests, work-order details, inventory stock, approvals, invoices and more.  This product works with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE as a subscription-based model.  Sign up for a webinar >>

  • Streamline your Service Work with Sage Service Operations for Sage 300 Construction | June 8 @9AM PST
  • SSO Tips & Tricks: Leveraging MyAssistant to Automate Processes | June 17 @9AM PST
  • Streamline your Service Work with Sage Service Operations for Sage 100 Contractor | June 17 @ 9AM PST

Sage Field Operations:

Sage Field Operations gives the field in the team critical information they need to be on the same page as the back-office.  It works virtually, and can integrate with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction. Sign up for webinar>>

  • Capture Job Time and RFI’s with Sage Field Operations for Sage 300 CRE | June 9 @9AM PST
  • Schedule Jobs and Capture Time in the Field with SFO for 100 Contractor | June 18 @9AM PST

Sage ToolOps:

Get an introduction to the newest software in the Sage Construction Software Suite.

  • Demo of Sage ToolOps Powered by ToolWatch | June 11 @8AM PST

MyAssistant & MyCommunicator:

These Sage modules go hand-in-hand to stay in the loop.  MyAssistant monitors KPIs and sets alerts to track change orders and other project management issues.

  • Intro to Sage 300 CRE MyAssistant | June 9 @10AM PST

Sage Office Connector:

What is Sage Office Connector?  There are three different solutions: Sage Office Connector Write; Sage Office Connector Query; Sage Office Connector Import.  They work together with your Excel spreadsheets to upload data more easily into your Sage software.

  • Introduction to Sage Office Connector Query: Dynamic Excel Based Reporting | June 10 @Noon PST
  • Financial Reporting Powered by Sage Office Connector Suite | June 11 @Noon PST
  • Introduction to Sage Office Connector Import: Importing Data from Excel to Sage | June 17 @Noon PST
  • Introduction to Sage Office Connector Write: Using Excel as a Data Entry Tool | June 18 @Noon PST

Sage Liberty Reports:

Sage Liberty Reports is an Excel-based reporting technology that works with Sage Estimating and Sage 100 Contractor. Transform your Excel data to create better reporting for your business.

  • Creating Custom Estimating Reports | June 10 @10AM PST
  • Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor | June 17 @10AM PST

Sage Estimating Software:

Sage Timberline is a leader in estimating software. Get better estimates quickly and precisely to win more jobs.

  • New! Getting Started with Sage Estimating | June 8 @8AM PST
  • Estimating for General Contractors | June 9 @8AM PST
  • Getting Started with Sage Estimating | June 15 @8AM PST
  • New! Model your Estimates | June 16 @8AM PST

Sage eTakeoff:

  • Overview of the Sage Estimating Product Suite | June 10 @8AM PST
  • Sage Estimating Suite | June 17 @8AM PST

Sage Estimating Buyout:

  • New! Introduction to Buyout | June 18 @8AM PST
  • New! Introducing Buyout | June 25 @8AM PST

Sage Construction Project Center:

Sage CPC is a cloud-based hub for sharing job information between teams during the entire life-cycle of a construction project.

  • Project Collaboration in Sage Construction Project Center | June 16 @11AM PST

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