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Top Reasons to use Sage 100 Contractor Software for Job Costing

Plumb is a premier Sage construction software reseller and works with contractors and real estate developers to deliver the best job costing software on the market.  With a team of Sage Certified Consultants and construction accounting experts, Plumb helps with software selection, implementation, Sage consulting and training on-site or remotely.

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According to an article in Construction World, job costing is an essential practice in construction accounting and is defined as allocating all direct and indirect costs to each construction project. Job costing gives details of the profitability of a project and tracks income and expenses.  Not all accounting software can provide job costing and that is why it is important for contractors to invest in construction-specific job costing software, such as Sage 100 Contractor.

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#1 Leading the Construction Industry

Previously known as Sage Master Builder, Sage 100 Contractor is the leading construction accounting systems among general contractors, home builders and subcontractors. According to the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), Sage is the #1 provider of accounting, payroll, job cost, estimating, and project management with over 50,000 companies using Sage construction software in North America alone.

#2 Intuitive User Interface

The Sage 100 contractor platform has been transformed to appeal to all users. The software allows you to utilize two menu options. It also has a user-defined activity center that is unique to each person’s workflow. This activity center offers easy-to-use icons that are sure to increase efficiencies for any user.

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#3 Customizable User Dashboard

Sage 100 Contractor  offers your construction team personalized access to real-time reports and charts that matter to you the most. Customers can make more informed business decisions with access to key business and project information in one centralized location.

#4 Reporting with Report Writer Wizard

Included with Sage 100 Contractor is the Report Writer Wizard of over 80 ready to use reports to take your reporting to the next level.  You can easily create, modify and edit your construction and job-specific reports with a step-by-step guide that comes with the software or contact one of Plumb’s Sage 100 Contractor Certified Consultant to help.

#5 Job Costing and Drill Down

Run reports by job, job status, project manager, customer and more. Sage 100 Contractor provides up-to-the-minute estimated vs. actual cost reports that identify where you’re making money and losing money. Every part of the reports offer drill down into related detail so you are never left guessing.

#6 HR Management and Full Service Payroll

Whether your construction company is using a third-party payroll service or not, Sage offers a full service payroll system which displays prevailing wages and fringes based on Department of Labor requirements. It comes with over 70 customizable HR forms which simplifies compliance. HR management and enables you to easily file the required weekly Federal form.

#7 Implementation – Knowledge and Expertise

At TAG, we have a full team of Sage certified consultants working to assist clients through the software deployment process. With over 15 years of experience in software implementations and  construction accounting, our Sage 100 Contractor consultants are knowledgeable and fully supported. Plumb is ready to move you to the best job costing software within 30 to 60 days. We ensure that your team and configuration is fully prepared.

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