The Outsourced Accounting Advantage

Plumb supports and strengthens your company’s accounting department and management team from staff accountants to Controller and CFO services. With outsourced accounting services, you will spend more time working on your business and less time working in your business.

Our outsourced accounting team has expertise across a variety of industries and software applications. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and set high standards for achieving accurate and timely financial information, which allows you to make better business decisions.

Business Challenges:

In order to run a successful business, you need to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date financial information and forecasting. In most cases, small to mid-size companies do not have the resources to support a full accounting team. So, businesses will both underutilize and over pay their accounting staff by having an in-house Controller or CFO perform basic accounting functions. More commonly, they hire accounting clerks to perform higher-level functions they are not qualified to do. This results in either a lack of financial expertise, or disproportionate pay for services.

Accounting Solution:

Plumb helps solve these challenges with our scalable outsourced accounting services. We become an extension of your management team, providing a long-term or short-term accounting solution based on your requirements and budget.

We offer full-time, partial and project-based accounting services. Whether you are a CFO who could use a quality controller once a week, a controller who needs bookkeeping services, or an office manager looking for higher level financial oversight, Plumb can fill the need.