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Close Up Of Worker Raking Dirt And Preparing To Install Rolls Of Soil And Turf.

Construction & Real Estate

Client Details

Greenstreak Landscaping is a full-service construction and landscaping contractor specializing in creating beautiful, engaging, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Since its founding by owner Pete Gluhaich in 1989, Greenstreak Landscaping has won more than 70 regional, state, and national awards for its work. For nearly two decades, Sage 100 Contractor has helped this contractor grow and thrive.

The Challenge

Greenstreak Landscaping has successfully used Sage 100 Contractor for many years to handle virtually every aspect of its landscape contracting business. Credit card processing for the company, though, had always been a manual, time-intensive process involving much duplicate data entry.

The Solution/Outcome

Recently introduced integration between Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Payment Solutions provides landscaping contractor with a powerful, time and cost-saving solution. Credit card processing time cut from ten minutes to 30 seconds. Financial savings through lower processing fees. Payments reach the company’s bank account more quickly. Integration with Sage 100 Contractor eliminates duplicate data entry.