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Manufacturing & Distribution

Client Details

Pinecrest Mills is a manufacturing and distribution company that manufactures custom woven towels for high-end retail shops. With 25 years of experience, Pinecrest Mills grew from a small back-yard shop to an international industry leader, distributing on three continents.

The Challenge

With their expansion, the company found itself in an inconsistent and overwhelming accounting situation as they tried to juggle factory work in Mexico and billing activities in the United States. Pinecrest Mills turned to Plumb for help to create a more efficient accounting process, with timely financial reports. Outsourcing with Plumb allowed Pinecrest Mills to truly walk away from the stresses and responsibilities of accounting, while also relying on Plumb’s counsel regarding day-to-day operations and future planning.

The Solution/Outcome

“The greatest value Plumb had for us was the ability to clear the fog out of the accounting process for those of us who are not suited for accounting,” said Greg Barry, President. “I am great with numbers, but for whatever reason, I find accounting stressful. Plumb was able to take over our accounting activities without my involvement,” he said.