An Easier Way to Process Construction Change Orders

Many Sage Timberline Office users ask me “If I already own Job Cost, why should I purchase Project Management?” Good question. There are many reasons to purchase Timberline Project Management. You receive additional features such as transmittals, submittals, RFIs and daily reports just to name a few. But the feature I like the most in Timberline Project Management (PJ) is how it handles change orders.

Below are 10 reasons why PJ handles change orders better than Job Cost.

  1. Change Requests


    Change requests are an essential part of change management, a concept introduced with the release of PJ. Change requests are a great feature because they easily allow you to track time and material tickets as well as potential scope changes requested by the subcontractor or customer. By using change requests you can add the commitment, cost estimate and price changes without affecting Job Cost or Contracts. You may ask yourself…”Why would I want to do this?” Change requests are potential in nature. You may give a price to your customer and they decide not to proceed with the work or perhaps you have some T&M tickets but the price is negotiated at a later date. By using change requests you can easily change these items and attach them to a change order when they are finalized. Also you can add multiple change requests to one change order, which is a nice feature.

  2. Affect Price, Cost Estimate and Commitment(s) In One Easy Step


    When you create a change request you can add the price, cost estimate and any commitment changes just by changing the “Price/Cost Estimate” view. The columns within each view can be adjusted to fit your companies needs. With a mouse click you can jump between the price, cost estimate and vendor view in the same screen. With PJ you no longer have to enter a change order in multiple applications.

  3. Easy Error Correction


    By simply changing the status of the change order from approved, you can easily change everything about the change order – from price and cost estimate changes to cost code and category. You no longer have to create reversing change orders to fix mistakes.

  4. Segregation of Duties


    Accountants, you can breathe a sigh of relief when giving Project Managers access to PJ. Why? Now a PM can enter their own change request(s) and change order(s) without being able to submit the changes to accounting. You have control over how and when change order transactions hit Job Cost. By allowing your operations personnel to enter their change request(s) and change order(s), they are more aware of their jobs’ progress.

  5. Direct Integration with the Contracts Module


    With three different locations to select the contract item within a change order you are less apt to make a mistake. This relieves you of the need to enter change orders in the contracts module. This again saves you time, and time is money.

  6. Fewer Steps to Create a Change Order


    The entire change order workflow is now completed in one module within three different screens. Once you have completed your change order in PJ it automatically updates both Job Cost and Contracts.

  7. Integrates RFIs and Transmittals with a Click of the Mouse


    Is your RFI causing a scope, cost and/or price change? In PJ you can easily convert an RFI into a change request with a click of a button. Now you are ready to send this change order to your customer. Click the transmittal button and it automatically sends a .pdf copy to your customer’s email.

  8. Affect Price Types, Unit Prices and Quantities with Ease


    You can mix and match between T&M and Lump Sum pricing methods within the same contract. By using T&M view you can add pricing by category (e.g. Labor, Material, Subcontract, Equipment, Other and Overhead), as well as enter unit prices.

  9. Additional Data Fields Available for Reporting Purposes


    You now have additional fields of information you can add to your change request and change order. For example you can add To, From and CC information, response time and approval date information. In addition there are fields available that can be customized for your organization’s use.

  10. Integration with the Cloud


    Although the functionality is not currently available, you will be able to enter change requests using Sage Construction Anywhere, a cloud based application. Imagine entering a change request on your mobile device at the job site and it automatically updates your Timberline data in the office. Now that is exciting.

What do you like about Project Management? Is your company using Sage Construction Anywhere?

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