NetSuite vs. Great Plains

NetSuite vs. Great Plains

List of 4 Reasons that sets NetSuite apart from Great Plains

Plumb got the news today that a seemingly progressive company had selected Great Plains instead of NetSuite for their ERP software.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Great Plains”,  it is now called Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The reason given for the selection of Great Plains was that GP was basically “familiar territory”, a product known in the industry by their auditors, and that GP would cost less to audit by the CPA firm.

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NetSuite vs. Great Plains

Let’s take a look at the 4 reasons that separates NetSuite from legacy systems, such as GP.

  1. Integrate-ability: NetSuite has an abundance of APIs (application program interfaces) that  helps to integrate software applications.  With Great Plains, you will be limited to manually importing and exporting, which is very time consuming and prone to mistakes.
  2. Upgrade-ability:  Most ERP/CRM systems need to be customized to meet the efficient processes currently in place at an organization.  With NetSuite, that customization is: a) done at the “skin” level, and b) can be done with internal resources; c) will be automatically merged with the upgrades that NetSuite releases twice a year.  With GP, your development: a) will  need to be done by your GP partner b) in a proprietary database/language called Dexterity and c) will have to go through the process of upgrading your customizations at the same time you upgrade GP.  Many companies choose not to upgrade yearly (when GP releases their new feature releases), to save time and money. A significant percent of organizations soon find themselves many versions back and are then unable to upgrade their software.
  3. Feature set:  From transaction entry to Work Flows, to adding tables, and configuring screens – it is much easier to do in NetSuite vs. Great Plains.  Drill-down, drill-around is omni-present, which should decrease the time it takes an auditor to perform their job.
  4. Cloud-based:  Since NetSuite is cloud-based, it requires no infrastructure.  Do you know of anyone that wants to carry and store tapes?

In conclusion, I understand the “familiarity” reason for choosing GP, but when you compare all the features of NetSuite vs. Great Plains, it seems more like “fear” of change not to choose NetSuite. Given the fact that “auditing costs” are typically fixed-fee engagements, the price should not play in as a factor.

NetSuite vs Great Plains

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Just the Facts: Why Businesses are Switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite

Mid-sized companies in just about every industry are leaving Microsoft Dynamics GP’s antiquated architecture, siloed financials, limited reporting, and bloated cost structure behind.  Today’s businesses want more on-demand, flexible functionality at their fingertips anytime, anywhere and that’s why they’re moving to the 100% cloud-based power of NetSuite, which stands alone in the industry by fully integrating accounting/ERP, CRM and ecommerce under one truth.

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