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Flexible, Affordable: Pricing starts at $100 per month, per user.

Get the best pricing; whether you choose to purchase or take advantage of a monthly subscription. You can get up and running on Sage 100 Contractor with a fixed price.

Get started on Sage 100 Contractor with Plumb’s most popular Sage 100 Contractor software package. We have bundled the software, with a monthly subscription service (SaaS), complete with setup and online training from Sage University. You will receive an annual subscription for one-user, and have a year to discover all that Sage 100 Contractor can do for your business.


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Plumb offers a bundled package for Sage 100 Contractor including software, online training and setup costs.

Plumb is a Sage Reseller of Sage construction software and specializes in the sale, installation, customization and training of Sage 100 Contractor. When a company decides to move forward with a construction-specific accounting system, they turn to Sage 100 Contractor as a low-cost option and upgrade from QuickBooks.


Why choose Sage 100 Contractor vs. QuickBooks or another generic accounting package?

  • Get better visibility into the actual status of job costs and expected future performance as your projects progress
  • Connect construction processes by centralizing financial and operational data within one system
  • Provide your project managers and field team with construction-specific reports, alerts and more
  • Reduce errors and redundancy that results from having to use multiple systems that don’t connect
  • Communicate better and easier with the field and office to keep projects moving forward
  • Helps to comply with governmental, union and other reporting requirements
  • Handles the complexity associated with owner, general contractor, vendor, and subcontractor relationships


With the Plumb “Getting Started” Software Package,  you will receive:

Sage 100 Contractor: One concurrent user license for annual subscription

Sage 100 Contractor Software Setup: 8-hours of a basic implementation with a Sage Certified Consultant

Sage Anytime Learning: Get real-time, online access to training from Sage University for one-year

Sage 100 Contractor | Reports & Accounting Features:

  • Job Costing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Cash Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Estimates
  • Construction Breakdowns
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Click here for a complete list of Sage 100 Contractor reports
  • General Ledger Reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Receivable Reports
  • Accounts Payable Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • Project Management Reports
  • Equipment Management Reports
  • Estimating Reports
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Service Receivable Reports
  • Inventory Reports

 About Sage 100 Contractor:

Formerly known as Sage Master Builder, Sage 100 Contractor provides small-to-medium contractors with access to critical business and project information. It is suitable for general contractors, homebuilders, specialty contractors and subcontractors. Companies make the switch to Sage 100 Contractor when they have outgrown generic accounting software and need an application that handles the entire construction life cycle – including accounting, job costing, estimating, project scheduling, project management and service management.

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