Manufacturing Accounting Outsourcing

With so many moving parts (and some unmoving) there is no time to waste in this competitive and diverse industry. Today’s manufacturing and distributing companies must navigate change to succeed. We provide manufacturing accounting and proprietary management tools and systems that positively impact our clients’ profitability and revenue capacity.

Beyond our core outsourced manufacturing accounting services, we understand the specific needs of the industry, such as direct and indirect costs and efficiently managing cash flows.

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Industry-Specific Accounting Services:

  • Outsourced Accounting Services
  • Tracking bill of materials and sub-assemblies
  • Implementing inventory control systems leading to quick turns
  • Inventory costing (LIFO, FIFO) and automated inventory relieving
  • Systems simplifying physical audits
  • Effectively managing your supplier base
  • Work in process reporting and adjustments
  • Break-even analysis
  • Sales and use tax tracking and filings

Cost accounting, by product, or project increases management’s ability to make informed decisions. Plumb can implement or enhance your costing systems, so management better understands where profits are actually made or lost within your organization. We can help:

  • Track direct material and labor costs
  • Identify problem areas with time to correct
  • Reduce spoilage, leakage, and other unnecessary costs
  • Smartly allocate overhead
  • Analyze warehouse needs
  • Implement budgets and report variances